As you prepare yourselves to bid farewell to the summer days and the delicious mangoes, you are also preparing yourselves to get accustomed to the monsoon weather. Since the rains bring us tons of water and a dreamy weather along with a host of diseases, its best to maybe skip on the yummy roadside snacks by eating smart so that we can keep health problems at bay, So, how do you do that? Of course by loading your kitchen pantry with foods that will not only pump up your immune system but also give you the guilt free feeling of snacking on yummy monsoon snacks.

Moreover, since it’s again that time of the year where the bug strikes millions, here are 6 of our favourite foods that you can include to increase your immunity and reduce the risk of catching the common monsoon infections.


Garlic – Did you know that garlic has earned an enticing reputation over the centuries from all parts of the world for its plausible health benefits? Moreover, garlic is considered to have the best disease preventive property because of its potent effects in warding off intestinal disorders, flu, respiratory disorders and many other ailments. So, adding a spoonful of garlic to your soups and vegetables can not only help in boosting your immune levels but also add mouth-watering flavours to your meals.

Yogurt – Including yogurt in your diet in any form you like might be the right decision you are making to improve your immune health as yogurt contains a gut friendly bacteria that helps to increase body’s resistance to infections that commonly occur during the monsoon days. So, why rethink about using this healthy, creamy and delicious delight? A small little tip from us. Adding fruits to your curd will just enhance the taste for all those who are not a yogurt fan.

Tea – The much loved beverage, tea has a number of health benefits which could provide positive contributions to a healthier you and a healthy lifestyle. The antioxidant chemicals commonly present in tea can help in building the body’s immune system. They destroy the free radicals that damage the healthy cells. Moreover, a dash of spices like cardamom, ginger, clove and cinnamon to the tea helps in digestion and in fighting various infections that affect our body during the monsoon.

Ginger – Ahh! The taste of ginger tea.  A cup of ginger tea with a dash of lemon should help you bring relief from the sniffles during this season. Your immune boosting supplement is ginger here which has strong anti microbial properties as well as the ability to ease off congestion. And to add to these benefits is its positive role in supporting a healthy gut during the rains.

Fruits – High intake of fruits can also be a good additional choice to keep the coughs, sniffles and sore throats at bay. They not only act as immune boosters but also as energy boosters. However, most fruits and vegetables might carry host of infections, so it is always recommended to wash them well before consumption during monsoon.

Protein Foods – Including the protein foods in your diet can have tremendous effect on your immune levels. Out of all the functions that protein plays in your body, the most critical and important function of protein is to support and boost your immune system. Hence, including foods like pulses, legumes, eggs, fish and meat can help in improving your immunity.


So, stay safe and healthy during the monsoons. Eat nutritious food, take care of the hygiene and yes, exercising regularly is a great boost for your immune system.


This write up has been contributed by Ramya Parameswaran from the Café Nutrition Team. Café Nutrition is a leading Nutrition and Wellness Company helping clients in their health goals whether it is weight loss, a clinical condition or a fat loss in Mumbai as well as offering online nutrition services around the globe.