India is one of the world’s most powerful examples of growth and development. However, progress has not been shared equally. Women and girls are among the most economically vulnerable, especially in rural areas. Gender discrimination in wage rates, differences in skills, training and education, poor sanitation facilities, neglected health ailments and domestic violence represent the women of rural India.

Caring for the health of the Rural Indian Women by creating a Women’s Network

Café Nutrition wishes to improve the health of rural girls and women. We aim to identify projects where we can make a positive difference towards making lives healthier and happier.

We truly believe in the words….
                 “With each woman shining,
                                    Shines a family, a community and a generation”

Café Nutrition’s Association with Mann Deshi Foundation

Café Nutrition’s inception can be associated with its aim to emphasize on the significance of right nutrition. However, with an aim to make people eat the right diet, we have also realized our social responsibility towards the underprivileged. It’s that section of the society that has been deprived of basic necessities and thrives mainly in the rural areas of the country. Not that you cannot find them in metropolis and other cities, but villages and small towns are where they are mainly located.

Café Nutrition has always been supportive and intends to contribute immensely towards the social upliftment of this section. Over the years, we have thought of lending our support to various Foundations and NGOs to better their life in every possible way. One such Foundation that we have been recently associated with is Mann Deshi Foundation.

Mann Deshi Foundation has come up with an initiative called ‘Mann Deshi Champions’ that aims to create a holistic environment for the overall development of rural children through sports. The initiative offers sports facilities to empower them and create opportunities to broaden their physical and social skills. Café Nutrition’s association with them came through one of their representatives, requesting for a Sports Nutrition Workshop to be held for them.

The team from Café Nutrition held a session with Mann Deshi Champions guiding them on the need for right nutrition at right time, especially for children who are extremely active in sports. The experience that the team acquainted with was quite amazing and enriching and has further strengthened our grit to actively contribute to the social and economic development of the community deserted from the elite.
Deshi CSR Activity-nutrition