Excerpts from an interview with India Coach and Founder of GENNEXT Table Tennis Academy, Mr. Sachin Shetty:


1. What is the winning formula for you to have so many GENNEXT kids performing brilliantly at every tournament?

Important for winning is a keen passion for the game and desire to excel. Both these have to be accompanied with proper training program, physical fitness regime and right nutrition to build stamina and enhance energy levels which will give a player the edge during a match.


2. What do you feel are the priorities in developing young players and helping them perform to their potential?

Priorities in developing young players are:

1) Giving them varied playing skills and exposing them to national and international tournaments.

2) Creating a desire and attitude to win – Mental Training & Focus

3)  Physical fitness and Good Nutrition


3. What do you feel are the main issues facing players and how would you assist in dealing with these issues?

Lack of adequate playing partners, training venues and general unawareness of the importance of physical fitness and nutritional advice are the main constraints. At GENNEXT we offer all the above elements. Whenever required, we also invite players from out of Mumbai to enrich the training experience of our players. Our advanced players are sent for training enhancement skills to carefully selected camps and also sent overseas for advanced training.


4.  Do you see a connection between sports and nutrition?

Nutrition is the one of the key elements for sporting excellence. A very well trained and skilled player, if lacking in appropriate nutrient-dense diet, will not be able to perform consistently on the National / International Circuit. Nutrition is the ‘Fuel For Your Body’ Even if the car is a Formula 1 – without specific grade fuel – peak performance will not be achieved.


5. What will be your advice to the Next Gen budding sports kids?

Please play a sport in the right spirit, develop your character. Sport builds character and associated training builds skills, fitness and general health. Ensure all aspects are covered in your sport training i.e. Sport skills, Physical Fitness and Right eating habits for a healthy future.