Food as Medicine During PMS


Suffering from PMS?

Most of you would answer ‘Yes’ to the above question at a particular time of the month. PMS is a common cause of physical, behavioral and social symptoms in women of reproductive age. While most women notice milder symptoms some of them suffer from severe symptoms and look for medical help.

What are the symptoms that one notices at the time of PMS? Bloating, breast tenderness, headaches, backaches, mood swings, irritability and stomach cramps are some of the symptoms to name a few. However, the good news is that what you eat can make a large difference on the symptoms we just listed above.

So, let us read on what a science based diet has to offer:

  1. Calcium: Research proves that intake of calcium helps in easing the cramps, food craving and bloating. The richest source being low fat milk and its products, calcium fortified foods, ragi (nachni), sesame seeds and leafy greens can also be consumed if you happen to be lactose intolerant.
  2. Stabilize the blood sugar: Including whole foods like whole grains and fruits will aid in keeping your blood sugar stable. The fibre content in them prevents sudden dipping or sudden rush of energy. It thus helps in taking care of the mood swings and sugar cravings. Similarly stay away from drinks that promise to give you to give you an energy shot as they are high on sugar. It will only ends up making you more irritable.
  3. Good fats: Good fats in flax seeds, nuts, avocado fight inflammation and relax the muscles thus easing out the soreness particularly during the PMS.
  4. Say no to processed: Not only are the processed foods high in refined grains, they are also high in salt/sodium which worsen your PMS by increasing the bloating. Hence, they ought to be off your list.
  5. Stay away from alcohol: How much ever you may agree it is a life saver, consuming it will only deprive you of certain vitamins which are essential to alleviate your PMS symptoms. Avoiding it is best but if it is difficult, keeping it minimal is the best way to go about it.
  6. Keep the fruits and vegetables closer: They are the ones that will provide with B vitamins along with whole grains, pulses and lentils and alleviate your depressed mood. Maintain a colorful plate and ensure that you consume at least 5 serving of these.
  7. Maintain frequency: By ensuring eating of healthy meals and mid meals along with the main meals there is a consistent release of energy in the system and you won’t crave for unhealthy foods,
  8. Move it: Exercise can help you lift your mood. It helps the body to release happy hormones which will save you from the vicious cycle of PMSing!

So here we have the foods to your rescue month on month instead of the pills that you may have been popping to alleviate your PMS symptoms. Several of the top 10 dietitians in Mumbai can help plan a healthy eating diet plan that will help minimize your symptoms and keep you energetic and happy.