Foods For Your Waistline This Summer


Weight loss is all about a balance of caloric intake at the end of the day. Eating fewer calories than what you can burn will result in weight loss. The appetites are on a decline during summer naturally. This makes weight loss easier. And not only are the summer foods low in calories but they are light and refreshing in the sweltering heat.

We are talking of using fresh farm produce and non-processed foods. These foods provide you with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and above all fibre necessary for your gut health. So, looking to get into those skinny clothes this summer? Then leave aside starvation and pick these foods for a fab figure.


Cold cucumber soup or just cold, sliced cucumber is a great way to feel refreshed when you are back from the killing heat.  With a high water content they will also help in hydration and keep you full.


High in fibre, low in fat and calories and also water – rich they serve the twofold purpose of cooling you and helping your weight loss program. They are also rich in Vitamin C and the antioxidant lycopene. Firm and ripe tomatoes along with colour add crispiness to the salads. Tomato based pastas and soups can be good ways to increase the intake of tomatoes in the diet. Sun dried tomatoes add a different flavour to the salads and the pastas.


Low fat diary and products are nutrition powerhouses for the bones. Loaded with good quality protein and calcium they help in keeping the fat content and calories in check and at the same time feed your bones. Smoothies, buttermilk or plain cold yogurt or milk is an excellent way to chill in the heat. Stay away from the sweetened yogurts though. They are packed with sugar.


The crisp and juicy slice is what one craves for when it is hot outside. Since more than half of watermelon is water it serves as a perfect food for quenching your thirst when you are in the heat. And its sweetness caters to your sugar cravings too.


High in carotenoids, this king of fruits provides one fourth of the Vitamin A for the day and almost three fourths of the daily Vitamin C needs. . These antioxidants strengthen your immune system and repair cell damage. And don’t forget that they are low in fat and have no cholesterol. Mango chutneys, juices, milkshakes and smoothies are a good idea to incorporate this fruit into your diets.