Guilt Free Diwali

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Diwali is round the corner and we can see the excitement all around. This festival is all about lights, fireworks, fun and food. With the elaborate spread of Diwali snacks and sweets it is very difficult to maintain the weight. But wait, don’t panic, we can celebrate this beautiful festival of lights without gaining those unwanted, extra few kilos. It is just a little planning and preparation but it is worth it.

Make mithais at home – Sweets bought from market are loaded with ghee, colours, various additives and above all sugar. So get in the holiday spirit and gather the family to make mithais. When you are making it yourself you can keep an eye on the ingredients used for  monitoring the calorie content. Certain tips to remember:

  • While making mithais keep in mind not to use artificial sweeteners and opt for the natural sweeteners like dates, jaggery apricots, raisins, figs etc
  • Use low fat milk and honey instead of sweetened condensed milk while making the sweets or desserts
  • Add more nuts in your sweets and less of mawa
  • Reduce the size of the sweets so that you control the calories in a single bite
  • Make fruit custards for dessert or just eat a fruit when you crave that extra piece of sweet – dried fruits can also work magic on those sweet cravings

Stay hydrated – Drink as much fluids as possible (one tends to with so much munching happening through the day). Fluids not only keep you hydrated but bring in fullness which prevents you from eating more of the calorie packed foods. However, make sure that your fluid intake is from water, lime juice (unsweetened or lightly sweetened), green tea or buttermilk and not aerated drinks or sugary beverages.

Limit the alcohol calories – Calories from alcohol can be a real killer for any weight loss program. So, at social gatherings keep a watch on what you drink and how much you drink. Prefer the tonic water or plain soda in the drink and chose the cocktail / mocktail wisely – in limit though. And the savouries with the drinks if fries are adding to the total calorie intake. Be aware when you pick up those instead of mindlessly eating them with the drink.

Don’t forget the antioxidants – Just because it’s Diwali does not mean you are excused from eating fruits and vegetables every day. And no, eating an apple pie, or pineapple barfi won’t make up for the fruit requirement. Fruits have natural sugar and fiber which will keep you full for a while and will also cater to your sweet cravings. Vegetables and fruits are just as necessary to provide you with immunity if you are going to be eating the wrong foods.

Don’t let your exercise get affected – The first thing to be tossed out of the window during  the holiday season is physical activity. No one wants to spend extra time doing physical activity when they can sit and eat all the delicious foods and party. Short and intense workouts will help you utilise the extra calories consumed (preferably in the morning hours so that you do not have an excuse later for not having the necessary time).


Healthy Sweet Options

Dried Fruit Barfi – Blend almonds, pistachios, cashews, figs and dates together. Add just a bit of ghee and spread it in a plate. Keep it in the fridge and once its set, cut into rectangular pieces and enjoy.

Oats Safforn Laddos – Soak some saffron in water for a while. Dry roast some powdered oats and keep aside. Roast some rava in a little ghee and add the roasted oats. Add saffron, some cardamom powder and jaggery. Mix well and keep the mixture aside to cool. Shape them in to small ladoos, decorate with cashew and enjoy.

Don’t deprive yourself from enjoying this beautiful festival but keep in mind that moderation is the key – your mantra to enjoy a guilt free Diwali.

And post Diwali if you wish to lose those unwanted pounds that you may have put on or want to get into a routine of healthy eating again reach out to the experienced nutritionist in Mumbai who will be able to chalk out a plan just for your needs.

Have a happy, healthy and safe Diwali.