Tricks Of The Trade To Get Your Children To Eat More Veggies


Children can be taught to love veggies. Yes, you hear us right! A study conducted by researchers at the University of Leeds found that young children can, in fact, learn to like vegetables. More than 330 children were given artichoke puree and it said that two in five of those learn to like the vegetable. The researchers chose artichoke for their study because most parents said that was the vegetable they were least likely to give the children.

The researchers found that the younger children consumed more artichoke than the older children. So the take away message here is “if you want to encourage your children to eat vegetables, make sure you start early”. Today, where younger kids and their parents aren’t aware about the right kind of food to be consumed, taking services of Café Nutrition, providing personalized nutrition in Mumbai acts as the most important factor.

The study also showed that 40% of the children increased their intake over time which proves the theory that even if your kid is fussy about eating the vegetables the trick lies in exposing the child to a minimum of 10 exposures after which you will see him/her warming up to those vegetables.


  • Add extra vegetables to meals by mixing them into foods or adding them as a side dish e.g. add them to noodles, serve raw or lightly steamed vegetables with dips such as hummus or salsa.
  • Let children get involved in making certain dishes. E.g. make their own tacos with shredded lettuce, tomatoes, beans and a little cheese or let them assemble salads.
  • Serve vegetables every day. Make them a part of each meal and snack. This exposure is very necessary.
  • Do not overcook the vegetables. Let them enjoy the natural taste, texture and appearance of the vegetables.
  • Most children go through this phase of eating a particular vegetable day after day because they have taken a fancy to it. But you need not oblige. Serving a variety will ensure that the child is flexible when he/she is hungry.
  • Make meal times fun. No power struggle, no bribing, no threats and no bargaining.
  • Also as the study stated, do not give up with any vegetable fast. Serve at least 10-12 times and you will be surprised.
  • And yes, the most important of all the points, have you had your veggies today? Children love aping their parents. So if you have squirmed your nose while eating your veggies today be sure your child has noticed that and will follow suite.

Getting your children to eat right is a challenge in today’s world. The media, constant advertisements, peer influence, so on and so forth have a great impact on the choices that they make. Good nutrition is not only important for a growing body but is equally important for a healthy brain. So, if you are a parent who is concerned about giving the right nutrition to your children, then you should visit a professional, i.e. child nutritionist who could guide you not only in terms of the required nutrients but also help you deal with your child’s fussy eating habits.