Ways to Succeed at Your New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight


The New Year brings with it a promise of a shiny new version of our lives – the life we all know we could lead if we just tried hard enough. It’s quite possible that those first few weeks go well wherein you sign up for a gym membership, go on a juice cleanse that leaves you feeling tired, irritable, etc. May be you do lose a few pounds. Yet, somehow, come February, you’re back to square one. The stuffs that you bought for workout for holidays are now lying somewhere down in your closet. You did all that work, and for what? The truth is that all the determination in the world won’t get you to your weight loss, because you’re playing a losing game.

Staying healthy and fit and losing weight is one of the top New Year’s resolutions that many enthusiasts make. Those who explicitly make such resolutions are ten times more likely to attain their goals than the ones who don’t make resolutions. Also, 75% of people who make their resolutions are able to keep them through the first week of the New Year. However, only 8% of people who make New Year’s resolutions are able to succeed at them entirely to their fulfilment. So, how can one stick to his/her New Year resolution of losing weight. Let’s have a look!

Steps to Ensure your Achievement

Make your Goals Measurable: For instance, rather than saying that attaining a reasonable weight loss is your New Year’s resolution, it’s more effective to set a well-defined measurable goal such as losing 1 to 1.5 Kg per week until you reach your goal of losing 20 kgs. Likewise, if you have a fitness resolution, instead of saying that your goal is to get strong or fit, it’s very likely to be more effective if you set concrete goals such as doing 50 push-ups or bicep-curls with dumbbells or eating a specific diet for a certain period. Elaborating on the quantity and quality of the diet to eat such as servings of vegetables or fruits will help you to achieve your goal in a more controlled way. It’s important to set the goals practically and not farfetched.

Stay Committed to your Goal: It might sound senseless, but writing it down is a way to focus and commit yourself. Ensure that you write it down somewhere, possibly in a notebook or in your mobile as a reminder alarm. Commit to tracking your food on calorie tracker for at least a month or walk for 20 minutes during your lunch break at your office.

Involve Friends and Family: Share your resolution with your family and friends and ask them for their views on it. Doing this will make them understand your intention and what you are aiming to do, and some of them could even support you in it. You might also find that some of their goals are also to eat healthy, lose weight, workout more and get fit.

Prepare in Advance: This step is extremely important. In order to taste success at weight loss or dieting, before you even start, it’s important to remove temptations from high calorie foods. Plan out your diet for the week ahead, also prepare some healthy snacks that you enjoy and portion them in containers. Preparation is also vital for exercise goals. If you want to commit to a home fitness program, figure out how long will you require and which workouts you require to do each day.

Many people make several New Year Resolution, most of which are related to weight loss. However, there’s a vast difference between making a resolution and committing to it entirely. So, ensure that you stay focused and go through the points mentioned above for better results.