Weight Maintenance Strategy And Not Weight Loss This Holiday Season


Eating well is the last thing on your mind during holidays. As it is eating right is a challenge throughout the year and if you have to do just that during the holidays it is a dampener. Holidays are meant to be enjoyed with family and friends and food is a large part of that enjoyment. It is a period when most people go off their routine dieting schedules, binge on their favourite treats and in the bargain pile up pounds. So, is there a way to enjoy the foods and yet not put on weight?

These are our top tips:

Move, move and move:

One of the most effective ways of weight loss is to keep moving throughout the day and not only during your half an hour to 45 minutes exercise session. Walk up and down the stairs, walk short distances to get your chores completed, walk to work after having parked your vehicle some distance from your workplace and so on. Find different ways to keep moving rather than being stationed in a place.


One a day trick:

If you are being constantly bombarded with sweets and desserts during the holiday season and you cannot resist the temptation then follow the one a day trick. This means have a small cookie or sweet each day – of course you will have to learn to balance out those calories by watching what you eat the rest of the day.

Never go hungry to a party:

Eating a healthy snack before a party like a fruit, soup or your favourite salad will ensure that you do not pounce on the foods as soon as you reach the party.


Watch your drinks:

Watch what you drink. Limit your alcohol to 1-2 servings, a light beer or a wine perhaps. Sugar sweetened drinks can mar all your weight loss efforts so restrict the quantity of sweet drinks that you take. Unsweetened ice tea could be a good option after the first sweetened drink.

Control portions:

More food we are served, more we tend to eat. So, keep the portion sizes small especially for fried foods, rich gravies and desserts.

No nibbling at parties:

Instead of nibbling at foods at parties take the food in your plate. This way you know exactly how much you would have eaten.

Learn to say a “No”:

Learn to say a polite no when your host insists on serving you extra food even though you are full.

Enjoy togetherness:

Spend more time with your loved ones and friends and you will realise how much more fun that is as against the entire focus on food at all times.

These tips do not guarantee a weight loss but what they guarantee is that you will not put on any extra weight during the holiday season. So, strive for maintenance than weight loss and you will be surprised at the results at the end of your holidays.