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How Can Parents Promote Healthy Eating In Children?
  • Arati Shah

  • 08, Dec. 2020

How Can Parents Promote Healthy Eating In Children?

Today, food companies target children through there advertisements on television. Now, when the images of these foods are seen frequently, children crave for those foods instead of the healthy foods. And, there starts a battle between the parents and the child about what is best for good health. We also know that the eating habits the child picks up when young, will help him/her follow a healthy lifestyle in adulthood. Parents can start the process of teaching young children eat well by also consulting with a child nutritionist who can help counsel the child on the merits of eating right.  

Here are a fewapproaches which will help improve nutrition and boost smart eating habits: 

  • Haveregular family meals 

Family meals are a way through which parents and children can interact. Friendly conversations around food will encourage them to try new foods and expand their palate. Do not make mealtimes unpleasant as then the child associates eating with stress. 


  • Provide a variety of healthier options 

Young kids tend to eat whatever option is served to them. However as they start getting older, they tend to say no to foods which they don’t like. Serving healthier alternatives can help pave the way for healthier choices. 


  • Be a good role model and preach what you teach 

Children learn and pick up things that parents do from early on. Therefore you can encourage healthy eating by eating less of non-nutritious foods, which will send the right message to the children. 


  • Food is not love 

Do not use food to display affection or even as a reward as children tend to then use food to cope with stress or emotions. Hugs and praises should display love. 



  • Involve kids in food preparation 

When children go through some process of making food they tend to eat the food and not reject itThey can see what ingredients are used, help in shopping, arranging, decorating, or even chopping (for the elder children).  


  • Incorporate daily physical activity 

Being physically active is advisable for the entire family. In fact, if some physical activity is taken up together as a family, it creates a sense of togetherness and joy. Doing moderate physical activity for atleast an hour for minimum 5 days in a week is the recommendation 


Remember, you as the role model has the power to keep children on the track to eating healthy thus paving a way for a healthy adulthood. Good food also sharpens their minds and keeps children feeling confident about themselves. Finding the best nutritionist in Mumbai for your precious ones will help them form a positive relationship with food which remains through life.