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How Does A Corporate Wellness Program Help Employees During And After Covid?
  • Arati Shah

  • 30, Dec. 2022

How Does A Corporate Wellness Program Help Employees During And After Covid?

Work from home by some has been taken as an opportunity to grow and develop both professionally as well as personally by bringing in discipline into their lives and paying more attention to improving their health. On the other hand, work from home has caused an increase in the stress levels and created poor eating and lifestyle habits in many. Surely, the Covid pandemic has reevaluated the need for giving priority to the employee’s health. And what best than having robust corporate wellness programsor corporate health programs to look after both, the mental and physical health of the employee.  

Covid has majorly impacted those with co morbidities. Studies and statistics are backingthe fact that people who are overweight or haveclinical conditions are more prone to getting infected due to weakened or poor immunity levels.Long office hours, continuous sitting job, untimely meals, excessive consumption of junk foods, practically no exercise routine, are the few contributory factors toa weakened immune system and bad healthThis makes it difficult for an employee to perform efficiently.   

Corporate nutrition programsbring a sense of awareness amongst the employees to take care of their health. This is done by educating them on the importance of good eating and lifestyle habits. The focus is on incorporating these habits in their daily life, which helpsthem prevent or managehealth problems like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, obesity etc.  

Nutrition education can be done through webinars on a range of topics from healthy eating guidelines to how to tackle a lifestyle disease like hypertension, diabetes, etc can be regularly conducted for the employees. Employees can also be provided with information on healthy eating and nutrition through videos and newsletters. A nutritionist on board can provide one on one consultations to help employees reach their health goals. Specific food guidelines by the nutritionist can also aid in better recovery for those who are suffering from Covid and thereafter. Issues like fatigue, gastro intestinal problems like diarrhea, building immunity can all be resolved with good nutrition advice and implementation. 

Focusing on mental health along with nutrition is just as important in corporate health programs. Sessions like meditation and yoga can help bring in mind fulness which can help in reducing the stress levels. Also, fitness and exercise sessions serve a great benefit to employees as it helps them stay fit and keep down their stress levels. Creating incentives for those who manage to achieve their health goals can be a great motivator to adhere to the program. Similarly, mini challenges amongst the team members can help increase the morale of the employees and keep them motivated.   

A hybrid model of the corporate wellness program would be appreciated by the employees with the changing dynamics of working on site as well as online from home. Corporate nutrition programs are an important aspect of corporate wellness programs as good nutrition is an integral part of mental and physical health.