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Should I Stop Eating Eggs To Control Cholesterol?
  • Arati Shah

  • 22, Jul. 2020

Should I Stop Eating Eggs To Control Cholesterol?

Eggs for a long time received the bad rap (for almost 50 years) because of the cholesterol in their yolks. Fitness nutritionists were also keeping the egg at bay for those with cardiovascular problems. We always knew that high serum LDL levels (bad cholesterol) increased the risk of cardiovascular disease and so it seemed right to avoid the egg yolks in the diet.However, in the 2015 dietary guidelines for the Americans, dietary cholesterol and egg restrictions were dropped. A change in food recommendations by nutrition bodies leaves the general population confused. So, people with raised cholesterols often still wonder if they can have a whole egg as the yolk is high in cholesterol. 

Now, cholesterol though bad in excess also plays a significant role in the body - it is a part of cellular membrane and is used to make bile acids that aid in digestion of food, steroid hormones and fat soluble vitamins. Research has now shown that most of the cholesterol in the body is made by the liver and does not come from the cholesterol we eat. The liver makes cholesterol from the saturated and trans fats we eat and not from the dietary cholesterol. The saturated fat content of an egg is not high and besides the egg has many nutrients to offer like vitamins A, B and D, iron, choline, zinc, selenium, etc. Besides it contains high quality protein providing all essential acids that aid in increasing muscle mass. 

They also provide satiety and thus can play an important role in weight loss programsBesides, eggs are a versatile food item that are easily available and easy to cook. 

What is important here is how you eat your eggs. Egg prepared with butter and cheese that are high in saturated fat will raise the cholesterol at a greater extent in comparison to the cholesterol present in egg. Accompaniments like white bread or fries rich in refined carbohydrates also increase the risk of cardio vascular diseases.  

So, it would be safe for people who are healthy to eat an egg a day and three eggs a week for those who have diabetes and are at a high risk of cardiovascular disease like smoking, genetics or already have a heart disease.  

According to scientific studies, many factors are responsible for an increase in bad cholesterol levels like lack of physical activity, being obese and a diet rich in saturated fat like red meat, high fat dairy products like whole milk, ghee, butter and cheese, oils like palm oil and coconut oil and trans fat found in bakery products like cakes, cookies and fried fast snacks. An Indian diet for weight loss the best nutritionist in Mumbai can definitely incorporate the healthy eggs for their benefits and satiety. So, don’t shy away from the egg. Embrace it.