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Tips From A Child Nutritionist To Boost Your Child's Concentration During Online Study
  • Arati Shah

  • 10, Nov. 2022

Tips From A Child Nutritionist To Boost Your Child's Concentration During Online Study

The covid pandemic has had a profound impact on children - closure of schools and shifting to online classes being a major one. This has affected the health of children, both physical and mental.  

Here are some tips from an online child nutritionist or a child nutritionist specialist that a parent can adopt to help in maintaining the health and improving the concentration of the child during online study: 

  1. Good and balanced diet: Poor nutrition leads to lack of energy in children which can affect the concentration power in children. Small and frequent meals through the day especially during school hourscan help kids focus with sufficient energy to perform tasks. Formulate a set eating time table along with the balanced diet plan that also includes healthy snacks for the school breaks.  

  1. Sufficient fluids: Improper hydration leads to fatigue and stress in the child. Therefore, it is very important to ensure they drink sufficient fluids through the day for proper brain functioning and improved concentration power.  

  1. Avoiding high sugar and excess fat: Try to avoid giving foods that are loaded in fats and sugars during school hours. Increased consumption of such foods brings lethargy and lack of focus in studies. They are also responsible for weight gain and other health related issueswhich have been on the rise in this pandemic 

  1. Maintaining a sleep routine: Sufficient sleep is very important for an active brain. Sound sleep helps in boosting concentration levels in kids and also keeps them energetic for the long day. The younger kids may need a short nap of 30 minutes in the afternoon for increased focus and energy. 

  1. Daily physical activity: With offline group classes or playing together in groups being out, children have been spending more time on screen. Being active helps children have an active brain that can help them focus better during their study hours and also have better mental health outcomesLookout for online exercise videos for children or take them down for walks and exercise as a family.  

  1. Proper study area: Sitting on a couch or bed provides a cozy environment which will not allow the child to concentrate and focus. For better engagement, designate a proper set up for school online meetings and completing the assignments.  

  1. Let children have fun and pleasure too: Continuous classes and pressure of finishing assignmentcauses stress and anxiety. It is very important for a child to relax and have fun for stress relief. Set a time for play or outdoor activity for the child which will rejuvenate the energy levels and freshen up the mood for increased concentration during school hours. 

So, prepare fresh home cooked meals and snacks to boost your child’s mood, concentration and health at the same time. child nutritionist can be a great help in helping you plan for the same.