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Why Corporate Wellness Programs Are Important to Businesses?
  • Arati Shah

  • 15, Feb. 2021

Why Corporate Wellness Programs Are Important to Businesses?

In the new world of work after the pandemic, there now exists a thin line between our professional and personal life. Added to this is the competitive environment that is making the employees burn the midnight lamp. The general perception that productivity is defined by the number of hours put in at work has taken a toll on the mental and physical health of the employees today. To tackle the stress and fatigue in their employees, many companies are looking out for corporate wellness programs for their employees. Today, corporate wellness companies in India have adopted various initiatives to suit the Indian temperament and lifestyle of Indian employees. 

Employees in India, just as employees across the world must wake up to the fact that these inbuilt corporate wellness programs help them lead richer and fuller lives along with their work. These employee wellness programshelp lower the potential risk for cardiovascular disease and other conditions, help reduce absenteeism, and helps the employees manage their stress better. While these programs are essential, one also needs to understand the challenge to conduct such programs based on the demographics of the workplace and the number of people in the organization.  

Moreover, these programs have to be interesting and engaging. How is that possible? A corporate wellness program can be made engaging by offering challenges to the employees to be able to make small and healthy changes, and by encouraging group participation. Encouraging employees to use the fitness bands and pedometerscan also help them be active through the day. Food is an important part of our culture. Added to this are the food choices that have slowly crept into our diets from the west. Changing the food habits is a difficult task but offering employees individual diet consultations will allow them to discuss their food habits and thus make valuable changes in them with the help of a nutritionist. With this, the employees can be offered lunch and learns, webinars on various topics concerning their health and nutrition and so on.  

The goal at the end of the day is happy and healthy employees with increased productivity. Most often these programs are thought to be for only those companies that have some sort of a culture of health. But, even the other companies can start by offering the smallest program to their employees and eventually motivating them to want more of such programs. These programs will make the employees value their company which will reduce the attrition rates too. Starting the program with the company top management – CEO and the other business heads will help employees change and sustain a healthy lifestyle. So, it would be prudent for a company to commit appropriate resources and formulate an appropriate corporate wellness program for their employees.