8 Reasons To Eat an Apple a Day


We have heard of the adage “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” since childhood and it’s earned the “keep the doctor away” reputation, after all.

Some of the health benefits are listed below.

How To Maintain Your Weight Loss Resolution


New Year’s Eve is around the corner and setting a new year resolution will be on the cards for most people in Mumbai. The most common new year resolution would be to lose some weight and be fit to avoid or keep life threatening diseases at bay. In a city that welcomes new year wholeheartedly weight loss in Mumbai, seems the no. 1 resolution among its citizens.

Ways to Succeed at Your New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight


Many people make several New Year Resolution, most of which are related to weight loss. However, there’s a vast difference between making a resolution and committing to it entirely. So, ensure that you stay focused…

5 Foods That Fight Stress


Today’s life is all about hectic schedules, improper lifestyle, etc., leading to a considerable amount of stress. Stress is known to cause ill effects on health and if not looked after can cause negative effects on the body, behaviour and moods…



Diwali is a festival of lights, celebration, and lots of food. Traditional Indian sweets and snacks are a huge part of the celebration. Most of us eat them to our hearts fill and it is only after Diwali do we realize the damage that may have been done. Let us not forget that Diwali can be celebrated by eating healthy too.

How to Compose a Functioning Corporate Wellness Program? – Infographic


Wellness Plans are gaining importance among the Corporate companies as they understand the benefits of employee wellness. A well thought-out and implemented corporate wellness program can help in improving the employee heath, boost productivity, increase their morale and ultimately help the employee in keeping their stress levels in check. Such well-designed corporate wellness programs are essential to maintain the efficiency of the employees in a company.

Be a sneaky Chef – Hide those Veggies


Nutrition For Children


In the rush to meet work deadlines, parents can often overlook their child’s nutrition. Children trying to keep up with several daily activities including studies and extra-curricular activities, ignore food that is essential for their body if not adequately provided by parents. Thus nutrition for children is a concerning matter for….

What Makes a Balanced Diet? – Infographic

what makes a proper balanced diet

An essential component in any diet plan is to incorporate a balanced diet. But what makes a balanced diet is the amount of several food items that provide essential nutrients to take care of all the functions of the body. Processed foods, fast foods and junk food are so easily available in every corner of Mumbai which makes weight loss in Mumbai a distant dream if attention is not diverted to the requirements of a balanced diet.



There may have been certain days in a month where you may have woken up grumpy, irritated and ready to bite the next person who disagrees or annoys you in the slightest manner. Along with this mental state you may feel breast tenderness and bloating especially around your stomach area which may make you more uncomfortable. Well you are not alone – every woman at some point in her menstrual cycle life goes through some or all of these symptoms. These symptoms are what we call the PMS syndrome. Premenstrual syndrome or PMS produces physical and mental changes which typically begin from the mid cycle onwards and clear as soon as the period starts. PMS may be related to the production of the female hormones oestrogen and progesterone which are responsible for the menstrual cycle and to a woman’s sensitivity to changing hormone levels.