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You are Important. You are Worthy.

Café Nutrition believes everybody deserves to live a life of health and wellness. We are also advocates for body diversity, working with people of all ages, genders, shapes, sizes, and nutrition goals. Our lifestyle-focused approach integrates simple meal plans, healthy eating habits and active living.

We can work with you on weight management programs, weight loss programs, diabetes nutrition, PCOS nutrition, fitness nutrition, sports nutrition, fertility nutrition, pregnancy nutrition, child nutrition, or just to boost your family immunity and live a fuller life. We conduct a professional body composition scan to understand your body fat and muscle percentage. We are dedicated to helping each one of you to prevent disease and improve your overall health through nutrition therapy.

Our programs will enable you to apply modern day science to food. We aim to empower you with accurate knowledge and the right tools to take control of your life for a lifetime. Place your health in the hands of trusted health and nutrition experts.

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You Deserve


Our meal plans offer nutritious choices but also allow for treats. There are no foods completely off-limits. Restaurant guidelines, managing sweet cravings and alcohol limits are explained.


Every meal given to you is balanced and comprising of foods from all the food groups. It is not a low-calorie, low-card diet which can lead to any nutritional deficiencies.


Our varied dishes and innovative recipes ensure that you are not bored of what you are eating. Greater dietary diversity is also associated with reduced risk of depression and diseases.


Qualified and experienced dietitians guide, support and motivate you at every step to make healthy choices. Every piece of food you eat can lead to inner peace and good health.

How We Work

Advisory Call

We will understand your health goals and your past dieting experiences. We will explain how we work and how we can help you achieve your goals.

First Session

We will get to know you better, note down your food preferences, medical condition, fitness routine and cultural background. A customized diet plan will be made and sent to you.

Ongoing Support

We will have regular meetings to discuss your progress, obstacles encountered and incorporate newer strategies to help you achieve your goals. Tools like food journal, self-care checklist, recipes etc are shared.

Money Back Guarantee

At the end of the program, we will collect feedback from you. If you are not satisfied with the quality of our services, we refund your investment.