There may have been certain days in a month where you may have woken up grumpy, irritated and ready to bite the next person who disagrees or annoys you in the slightest manner. Along with this mental state you may feel breast tenderness and bloating especially around your stomach area which may make you more uncomfortable. Well you are not alone – every woman at some point in her menstrual cycle life goes through some or all of these symptoms. These symptoms are what we call the PMS syndrome. Premenstrual syndrome or PMS produces physical and mental changes which typically begin from the mid cycle onwards and clear as soon as the period starts. PMS may be related to the production of the female hormones oestrogen and progesterone which are responsible for the menstrual cycle and to a woman’s sensitivity to changing hormone levels.

8 Reasons To Implement A Corporate Wellness Program – Infographic


Productivity of employees takes a toll due to increased stress levels. Employees in a race to achieve monthly targets or improve work performance develop several health problems. There is a growing concern among companies about reducing employee productivity. Café Nutrition suggest 8 reasons why companies should incorporate a corporate wellness program to maintain a stress free and a positive workplace environment.



As you prepare ourselves to bid farewell to the summer days and the delicious mangoes, you are also preparing yourselves to get accustomed to the monsoon weather. Since the rains brings us tons of water and a dreamy weather along with a host of diseases, its best to maybe skip on the yummy roadside snacks by eating smart so that we can keep health problems at bay, So, how do you do that? Of course by loading your kitchen pantry with foods that will not only pump up your immune system but also give you the guilt free feeling of snacking on yummy monsoon snacks.

9 Tips for Weight Loss – Infographic


In the rush to meet targets and deadlines in a city that never sleeps, weight loss in Mumbai just seems like a distant dream. If only a few simple habits by Café Nutrition are followed in this hectic lifestyle, weight loss can be achievable. Here are 9 easy tips to give you that required boost to achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle by Café Nutrition.

8 Foods to Stop Hair Loss – Infographic


On an average, it is normal to lose about 50 to 100 hairs per day. However, when you see bald patches or hair thinning on your scalp, you become a victim of hair loss. Hair loss is something that can be reduced significantly if we take care of our diet and consume those food items that help provide adequate nutrition to the hair.

Secret Weapon For Weight Loss

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Most of us now how important it is to have a healthy body weight and how much of an effort it takes to reach to that weight and maintain it. And, in that process you are counting calories, checking out food labels, cutting down on certain foods and so on and so forth. Some may keep hopping from one specific type of a diet to another in the hope of losing weight. They may or may not succeed in their endeavours. The entire game of weight loss and maintaining it is a complicated one.

Various studies have found that adding fiber to the diet – without changing anything else in terms of the efforts and right foods – resulted in weight loss. This leads us to believe that adding more fiber to the diet can help us maintain a healthier body weight.

6 Ways to Control High Blood Pressure


I have high blood pressure or hypertension. Are there any changes that I need to make in my current lifestyle that will help me keep the blood pressure under check? Well yes, lifestyle plays a huge role in treating and successfully managing the blood pressure in individuals who have it. With a healthy lifestyle, you might avoid, delay or reduce the need for medication. Hypertension can be a fatal condition as it can lead to strokes,…

Super Charge Your Immune System


It takes more than an apple a day to keep the doctor away when it comes to health. It turns out that it is just not the apple but various other foods (read nutrients here) and factors that contribute to a healthy immune system. A good immune system is the holy grail of health.

Here are 10 foods we recommend to help you have a rocking immune system:

Workout to Burnout

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Workout to Burnout – This is precisely what the infographic says Or it may also convey the message ‘Think Before you Eat’. Any which ways, one thing is for sure that you need to pay for the calories you intake to have a healthy body. Paying not in monetary terms but shedding off those unwanted calories. This infographic makes you aware of the workout you need to do after eating the respective food items. So the next time you think of eating a pizza or cheese burger, have a glance at this picture.

Techniques To Speed Up Your Weight Loss


Eating fewer calories and exercising are the best ways to lose weight. Any change in the number on the scale or the difference in the fit of the current clothes stands as motivation for further efforts. Some diets or weight loss products advertise quick and easy weight loss. However, they may contain unsafe medications or promote unsafe eating patterns which can be dangerous to your health. Instead, with a few changes to your diet, exercise routine, and lifestyle you can help speed up your weight loss in Mumbai naturally and safely, which can help you reach your goal sooner.