Losing Weight With Negative Calories – Wishful Thinking


Type the word negative calories and the internet pops up with numerous sites on foods that have negative calories – meaning the energy that they take to chew, digest and absorb is more than the energy that they provide. Amongst the various foods celery is the food that takes away the cake. Because it is mainly water and fiber, it is touted as the best aid in weight loss as it takes more calories to digest celery than what it provides. And this theory is sold with conviction to all those who want to desperately shed off the extra pounds. Eating the so called negative calorie foods will help to melt away the body pounds is what they are convinced of.

Keep Your Eyes Glowing & Youthful – Naturally!


People talk of protecting your heart, your skin, your overall health in general. But have you thought of protecting your eyes from damage? Taking your eyes for granted can leave them damaged. If you are reminded of carrots when you talk of eye care then you need to read further on as other foods and nutrients may be equally or more important when it comes to taking care of your eyes. A combination of nutrients play a role in eye health rather than any one particular nutrient.

A Customised Diet Plan for Indians Residing Abroad


Sometimes living away from home can have its own downfall. You miss your family, your friends; you miss the luxury of having a maid, a laundry man and vegetables/fruits etc delivered to your doorstep at no extra charge. But most importantly you miss the food.

Body fat or body fit? 7 Tips to Stay Fit


Body image is how one perceives their own body size and shape. This self perception is to a large extent based on the individual opinions around you and the society at large. Adolescence is a period of rapid growth with physical and psychological changes. In girls especially there is a deposition of fat in the thighs and hips which has a role to play in reproductive development. This makes them more conscious and hence concerned about their body image. There is constantly a struggle within to shed the extra fat which they feel they have and this has repercussions on the health due to the resulting faulty eating habits. The projection of unrealistic body sizes in the mass media is adding to the existing problem of reduced self image. Thinner is better has become the norm for the young girls.

Commonly Asked Questions By People in Sports


Should I take in more protein for building muscle? Can I exercise on an empty stomach? Need I consume a sports drink? With so much conflicting data around regarding what to eat or drink and what not to for performance here are answers to 5 commonly asked questions by people in sports.

Discretion in taking supplements


Vitamins and minerals termed as micronutrients play a special role in keeping good health. Although they are considered micronutrients they differ in their composition. Whereas vitamins are organic substances (made by plants and animals), minerals are inorganic elements that come from the soil and water and get into our bodies from the plants, animals and water that we consume.

Eat to Compete


Nutrition, fitness and coaching are the three pillars of any sporting activity.

Sports nutrition is a specialization within the field of nutrition that gives a practical daily eating plan with the prime aim to provide fuel for the physical activity, help in repair and recovery of the exercised muscles and optimize performance during training and competitive events.

A sports nutritionist needs to have a command of general nutrition and intertwine it with exercise science and help the sportsperson optimize performance.

Foods For Your Waistline This Summer


Weight loss is all about a balance of caloric intake at the end of the day. Eating fewer calories than what you can burn will result in weight loss. The appetites are on a decline during summer naturally. This makes weight loss easier. And not only are the summer foods low in calories but they are light and refreshing in the sweltering heat.



Stress, lack of sleep and irregular food habits are a perfect recipe for poor performance when preparing for exams.

The Start of the New Phase – MENOPAUSE


Menopause, for women is a phase when their bodies are changing making it imperative to get a little more serious about taking care of themselves especially in terms of good nutrition. Weight gain during any stage in life is uncomfortable, more so during menopause due to decreasing estrogen levels and the stress associated with it. Fat accumulates around the abdomen which could increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. At this point in life appropriate lifestyle changes and a correct diet is the call of the hour.