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5 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy during the Pandemic
  • Arati Shah

  • 02, Dec. 2020

5 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy during the Pandemic

It has been reported that women who are pregnant with comorbidities like obesity, blood pressure and diabetes are at higher risk of severe illness from Covid - 19 and also increased risk for other adverse outcomes like preterm birth. This is because changes in the pregnant bodies can also bring about a change in their immune systems. Therefore pregnant women need to be way more cautious and work towards a strong immune system. Enrolling into a good prenatal nutrition program or working with a pregnancy nutritionist can help in the formulation of a good diet plan to boost immunity. 

Besides practicing the general instructions about social distancing, wearing a mask and washing hands regularly, here are some tips to work on a strong immune system. 

1. Healthy Diet:  

Eating a healthy diet is paramount during the pandemic. What a woman eats and drinks affects her body’s ability to ward off any infections or even have a fighting chance to recover from them.  

Healthy eating includes eating a variety of fruits and vegetables along with choosing unrefined whole grains like rotis, brown rice and healthy proteins coming from beans, lentils, lean meat, chicken and eggs. Milk and milk proteins offer valuable nutrients in a healthy eating plan. 

2. Medical Conditions 

Co-morbidities during pregnancy like hypertension or diabetes can be kept under control with regular check ups with your physician and medications if prescribed.  

3. Sufficient Sleep 

Poor sleep during pregnancy can cause a disruption in the immune system and can lead to complications. So, ensure you are sleeping well through the night with a nap in the afternoon.  

4. Stay Calm, Not Stressed 

It is natural to have some stress during the pandemic about keeping good health during the pregnancy and having a safe delivery. But excess stress can supress the immune system thus making the body more susceptible to infections. Listen to good music to de stress yourself or watch or read something that is uplifting. Leaning a new skill or pursuing a hobby can also be a good option to keep you in good spirits. 

5. Quit Alcohol 

Alcohol compromises the body’s immune system and thus make a person more susceptible to any harmful microbes. Coupled with this is the fact that alcohol consumption during pregnancy can lead to premature birth, birth defects, etc. Hence, quit alcohol. 

Things may seem overwhelming in these times along with the usual apprehensions about a suitable pregnancy diet or the right pregnancy foods for a safe and healthy pregnancy. Reaching out to a nutritionist for pregnant women would be the right approach.