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6 Gluten-Free Alternatives To Wheat Flour
  • Arati Shah

  • 06, Mar. 2020

6 Gluten-Free Alternatives To Wheat Flour

Over the years many diet trends have been popular – some of them being the GM diet, Atkins diet, blood group diet and so on. In the year 2019 the keto diet, the gluten free diet and the paleo diet caught the interest of people. So, here is a sneak peek into what gluten is, who should avoid gluten and which are the alternatives to gluten if someone is under medical nutrition therapy and has to avoid gluten. clinical nutritionistis the one who can help you plan a gluten free diet with the vital nutrients. 

So, what is gluten? 

The magician behind the soft and chewy bread is ‘gluten’ which is a type of protein found in grains like wheat, wheat products like maida and semolina, barley, rye and oats.  

Is gluten bad for us? 

Some people need to go gluten free as they are diagnosed with celiac disease wherein there is intestinal inflammation. There are some others who suffer from non –celiac gluten sensitivity and going gluten free may make them feel better. The vast majority of you, who do not have either of these conditions, need not jump onto the bandwagon of going gluten free as it may rob you off some vital nutrients. 

A variety of gluten free flours are available with their unique nutrient make-up and flavor. We have some of the gluten free flours listed out for you: 

1. Millet flour: 

Millets like jowar, ragi, bajra, barnyard millet, etchave been a part of a traditional Indian meal from time immemorial. These super grains are nutrient rich and can be used to not only prepare rotis but also baked products like cakes, biscuits and breads. 

2. Amaranth or Rajgira flour: 

The so called super food has always been a part of a fasting day meal. Not only can one make rotis out of it but also use it to make ladoos, dosa or a porridge.  

3. Buckwheat or Kuttu flour: 

Though it has wheat in its name, it is gluten free and works well as an alternative to wheat flour. Include this healthy flour by preparing pancakes, breads and even rotis. And again, it is a favourite during the fasting days. 

4. Maize flour: 

Healthy carbohydrate and antioxidant rich maize flour can be consumed as a rotis, to make tortillas or even taco shells. It is the most sought after with the sarsonkasaag 

5. Almond flour: 

Almond flour is extremely healthy with good amounts of protein and essential fatty acids. It can be used to bake gluten free cookies or used instead of bread crumbs on cutlets, or can be blended with other flours to prepare nut flour flat breads.  

6. Quinoa flour: 

Quinoa, a popular and healthy grain is ground and can be used to prepare pizza crust, pan cakes, breads and rotis (mixed with another grain flour) 

Going gluten free can be a challenge for many. A clinical nutritionist is the best person to help you plan healthy and nutrient rich meals when on a gluten free diet.