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6 Indian Spices For Weight Loss
  • Arati Shah

  • 03, Feb. 2020

6 Indian Spices For Weight Loss

We all come across many articles that propagate the consumption of different foods or supplements for weight loss. However, getting rid of the excess weight needs a low calorie diet, sufficient physical activity, good sleep and in general a healthy lifestyle. Weight management programs today are holistic with focus being on long term weight loss and good health with lifestyle changes. Many Ayurvedic spices can be incorporated into an Indian diet by a weight loss nutritionist and these spices also come with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.  

Spices provide flavor to the food and also boost health. They contain minimal caloriesand have no side effects unless over eaten. Various studies show that certain spices help reduce food cravings, decrease appetite and boost metabolism ultimately leading to weight loss. So, here is a list of some top spices on our list: 

  1. Fenugreek or Methi seeds: 

Fenugreek is a good source of fiber which helps in reducing hunger and decreasing high blood sugar levels. You can soak the seeds in water the day before and have it along with the water first thing in the morning. Methi powder can be added to dals, kadhi or cooked vegetables.  

  1. Dried GingerPowder or Adrak Powder: 

Ginger has medicinal properties and helps in fighting flu, nausea and in improving digestion. It also aids in weight loss by boosting metabolism, decreasing appetite and through fat absorption. The powder can be judiciously added to cooked vegetables anddals or consumed in herbal tea. 

  1.  Black Pepper or Kalimiri: 

Studies show that black pepper helpsin inhibiting fat cell formation in animals. However, its use in weight loss is still controversial as human studies confirming the same have not been carried out.  

  1. Turmeric or Haldi: 

This vibrant yellow spice has anti-inflammatory benefits. It contains curcumin, a chemical which in some studies has shown to aid in weight and fat loss. Don’t forget to add a pinch of black pepper while using turmeric as it helps in increasing its absorption.  

  1. Cinnamon or Dalchini: 

Like fenugreek, cinnamon is also known to be effective in stabilizing blood sugar levels thus reducing appetite and hunger. It can be used in tea or in warm water with turmeric. 

  1. Cumin or Jeera: 

Cumin not only helps inpromoting digestion but is also a metabolism booster. It may also have a role to play in improving the glycemic control in Type 2 diabetics. 

These spices which are commonly used in food preparations not only enhance flavor and aroma of the food but also help in increasing metabolism, promoting a feeling of fullness and hence aid in weight loss. Therefore, use these spices as a part of a healthy diet and lifestyle to shed your excess pounds with the best diet for weight loss.