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Can Lemon Water Help In Weight Loss
  • Arati Shah

  • 09, Jun. 2020

Can Lemon Water Help In Weight Loss

There are many people who drink warm water with lemon juice in the morning. Now, each one has his / her own reason to do so. Some may look at it as a help to melt the body fat, others may drink it purely from a body detoxification purpose and yet some may find that it aids their morning bowel movement. And, it’s not only magazines but also health gurus making these claims for the lemon drink and this drink becomes a must in most weight management programs. Now, it isn’t rocket science to understand that if one has to lose weight the intake of calories has to be lesser than the calories utilized by our body. So, is there any truth to the various claims made on behalf of this drink, especially so in its role in weight loss?

We all are looking out for easy and simple solutions to weight loss, right? And furthermore, if the solution is easy on the pocket, that is certainly a cherry on the cake. Now, lemon does contain some compounds that can help in weight loss as per some animal studies. However, the research is in its preliminary stages and it still does not tell us of its impact on humans. 

Also, lemons like apples contain the fiber pectin which helps in curbing a person’s appetite and thus the total calorie intake. Now, the amount of lemon juice in the water is not much so the amount of pectin is in traces to offer substantial health benefits. 

Some also claim that lemon water helps in boosting your metabolism. Unfortunately, there is no evidence to back that claim. Although some foods like cayenne pepper do temporarily speed up metabolism there seems to be no evidence for lemons for the same.

But, what the lemon water can do is replace any high calorie drink like a sugary drink and this can definitely help one lose weight as it decreases the total calorie intake. This can thus positively help in weight loss programs.

Drinking water does play a role in keeping your metabolism humming, so staying hydrated is important. So, if you are one that does not enjoy plain water, adding lemon juice is a great way to improve the flavour and that too without the addition of any extra calories.  

So, the last word! There is no magic in lemon that can help your pounds vanish. Also, there is no particular food or beverage that is a magic bullet for losing weight. All that helps in weight loss is a clean diet with other lifestyle modifications like being active, getting good sleep, etc. If you are looking for healthy weight loss, weight loss centres in Mumbai can help plan healthy diets for good health.