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Clean Slate, New Plate
  • Arati Shah

  • 12, Jan. 2021

Clean Slate, New Plate

As we enter the New Year we all make New Year resolutions like every last year. Here, the intentions are good, but sticking to them is where we fail. When a resolution regarding weight loss in in question, most weight loss programsstart off with a bang but lose steam along the way. So, this year let’s stop the cycle of resolving to make a change and not following through.  

Here are some things that can derail your best of intentions: 

  1. Firstly, you may be making a resolution to eat healthy or to lose weight but maybe you’re focusing on short term weight changes instead of long termbehavioural changes. So, instead of just focusing on a number on the scale, set behavioural goals like eating more of home cooked meals in a week or exercising on most days of the week to get the ball rolling as lifestyle changes stay with us even after weight loss goals have been achieved.  

  1. Secondly, following a restrictive diet may be a hindrance to your goals. Deprivation is never an answer to weight loss. In fact, people tend to rebound after following a restrictive diet. It is difficult to be restrictive for long. Instead, follow a diet that is sustainable, practical and nourishing and can be maintained on vacations, and also while socializing because it is unrestrictive and suited to your lifestyle.  

  1. Thirdly, looking out for big changes can de-motivate you and derail you from your goals. Instead work on smaller changes and let them snowball. Smaller achievements can keep you motivated for long. 

  1. Today, one of the biggest culprits are the trending diets and exercise routines displayed on the internet, in magazines and also being endorsed by celebrities. So, remember you are unique. Do not compare yourself with others. What suits someone may not suit you. Follow what works best for you. 

In 2020, we saw a life-altering pandemic, sadly, carried into 2021 and the effects of which may have derailed our well-intentioned plans. But, the resolution to eat healthy and exercise regularly is something that can be achieved efficiently as work from home has given a chance to most of us to focus on eating healthy.  

Eating well is fundamental to good health and well-being. Eating right is beyond weight-loss. It's about vitality, longevity, optimism and feeling great about your body and mind. Finding a good mentor in the field of nutrition ie the best nutritionist in Mumbai can help you achieve your health goals and keep you motivated and focused.