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Lose Weight Smartly To Maintain It Wisely
  • Arati Shah

  • 14, Feb. 2023

Lose Weight Smartly To Maintain It Wisely

You are probably reading this if you have googled “how to lose weight”. With so many weight loss programs in the market, it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to understand whether they should lose weight by omitting carbs, or eating more protein or fasting or being on a diet rich in fat.  

To make things easier, we have here science backed guidelines to help you lose weight and keep it off forever. The secret is to do it gradually. So, by reducing your calorie intake by 500 calories a day, you can lose one pound a week. After weight loss is attained, reducing the calorie intake by 100 - 200 calories a day will help you maintain that.  

So, here are some simple strategies to lose weight without “dieting”: 

  1. Trim your portions: By using a smaller plate and bowl you will end up eating less which contributes to weight loss. The idea is to not feeling deprived as the plate will look full and satisfy the brain.  

  1. Opt for whole grains: Fiber rich whole grains like wheat, oats, millets like bajra, jowar and ragi, brown rice, whole wheat pasta will fill you up faster thus reducing the intake of total calories. 

  1. Don’t skip breakfast: You may be tempted to skip breakfast to lose weight but remember you may end up eating twice as much at the next meal due to hunger or you may keep nibbling the wrong foods. 

  1. Look out for the liquid calories: Sugary drinks, mocktails or alcohol with mixers can be a great deterrent to weight loss. So, select the ones that would create minimum damage to your weight loss efforts. Best is to restrict them. 

  1. Make the evening snacks count: The wrong evening snacks can destroy all your efforts. So, pick up healthy snacks like a fruit, some nuts, khakra, homemade popcorn, makhanas, etc when hunger strikes. 

  1. Make healthy swaps: Instead of opting for the commercial sour cream make sour cream at home with low fat yogurt. Similarly commercial salad dressings that are filled with sugar, calories and fats can be substituted with homemade fresh vinaigrette. 

  1. Treat yourself: Leaving out the favourite foods can be distressing at times. So, make it a point to include your favourite sweet or savoury food (even if it is unhealthy) in your meal plan once in a while. 

  1. Exercise regularly: It just helps you knock off the calories so that you do not have to starve yourself to cut down on calories. 

  1. Eat mindfully: It takes 20 minutes for the brain to register fullness. So, eating slowly will help you eat less by the time you get a feeling of satiety.  

Embrace the above changes slowly, so as not to be overwhelmed. Weight loss nutrition programs offered by weight loss clinics in Mumbai can help you achieve weight loss and maintain it wisely through lifestyle modifications and behavioural changes.