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Plan A Healthy Flexitarian Diet With An Online Nutritionist
  • Arati Shah

  • 01, Jan. 2023

Plan A Healthy Flexitarian Diet With An Online Nutritionist

The flexitarian diet is an amalgamation of two words – vegetarian and flexible. It is a diet that is majorly plant based but also includes non-vegetarian food items in meals on some days. This is a diet whichis perfect for those who want to eat more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to reap the benefits ofplant-based foods while still enjoying meat when there is an urge to eat it. Since there are no rigid rules or guidelines, many people are embracing this way of eating. Nutritionist in Mumbai or the best online nutritionist can help you plan balanced flexitarian diets if you are a hardcore meat eater.   

This diet pattern has countless health benefits and research shows that it helps manage many health conditions. A few benefits of going flexitarian: 

  1. Studies show that long term consumption of red meat increases the risk of diabetes. Since this diet is more plant based,it is high in fibrewhich helps in managing blood sugar levels. 

  1. Eating more of plant-based foods are considered good for the heart as they are rich in fibre (absent in animal foods) and low in saturated fats (high in animal foods) 

  1. This diet also helps in reducing and managing weight. By combining both, healthy food options from plant-based sources and limited animal food sources, it is possible to lose weight and maintain it. 

  1. It is well proven that lifestyle related diseases can be prevented, and lifespan can be increased by eating more of healthy plant based foods. A flexitarian approach will help a person achieve the same. 

So, how does one get on to a flexitarian diet?  

  • To start with one could go meatless on any two days of the week. 

  • Some may want to still have meat on all days so the approach here would be to halve the meat intake and instead add a lot of vegetables or beans to the dishes 

  • Still another approach would be to go vegetarian up until dinner time when one could have a small portion of meat. 

In general, the lesser the intake of meat and meat products the better it is. The flexitarian diet is not a magic bullet. However, when planned and followed well, the payoff is highThe flexible approach of the flexitarian diet makes it easy to follow and commit to it. One also needs to remember that exercise is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. So, just as with any other diet, ensuring that one getthe 40 minutes of moderate exercise on 5 or more days of the week is just as important when one is following a flexitarian diet. The best nutritionist in Mumbai  has the expertise to plan flexitarian diet plans that arenutritionally-balanced and personalized to suit one’s lifestyle and help meet specific goals.