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The 21 - Day Weight Loss Strategy
  • Arati Shah

  • 16, Oct. 2022

The 21 - Day Weight Loss Strategy

Ladies, sometimes you are looking to lose a few dress sizes for a marriage, family function, graduation, summer holiday or even to manage a clinical condition. There are a lot of FAD diets doing the rounds to help lose weight quickly. However, the aim should be to safely lose weight, regardless of how urgent it is. A quick weight loss regimen brings in weight loss which is mostly water and muscle loss instead of fat loss. Weight loss program for women or a nutritionist at a weight loss clinic in Mumbai can help you lose weight safely. 

How much weight can you lose in 21 days?

Some people aim to lose as much as 10-12 kgs in 21 days. However, these are not only unrealistic goals, but they may negatively impact your health. Losing weight between 600-800 grams a week is considered a safe weight loss. So, aim to lose anywhere between 2.5-3 kgs in 21 days which is safe and attainable without being too demanding.

How does the ideal weight loss plan look?

As all of us know, there are other effective weight loss techniques than avoiding alcohol, sweets, and carbohydrates. A calorie deficit diet, exercising regularly, and eating a wholesome, well-balanced diet are all necessary for weight loss. You may find it difficult to reduce or maintain your weight if you choose to not combine all of these.

An ideal weight loss program should incorporate the following:

  • Planned by a qualified nutritionist
  • Be well-balanced with inclusion of all food groups
  • Consider the client’s daily schedule, likes and dislikes and practicality
  • No reliance on supplements
  • Help control portion sizes
  • Allow for eating favourite foods moderately
  • Inclusion of regular workout schedule
  • Inclusion of plenty of fluids
  • And lastly, of course a caloric deficit diet plan

The diet plan should be well blended into your life for long term results. And, above all it should be affordable and manageable. Visiting a weight loss clinic in Mumbai or an online nutritionist for women should be your ideal partner to help you reach your weight loss goals.