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The Weight-Loss Workout Plan for Women
  • Arati Shah

  • 22, Feb. 2023

The Weight-Loss Workout Plan for Women

Looking for a weight loss nutritionist for women? Well, know firstly that weight loss is not the same for all. Age, medical history, genetic makeup, fitness level, lifestyle all play a role in weight loss. A customized weight management program helps lose weight safely and effectively.  

There are many reasons for weight gain. However, the most common reason is not eating the right foods, over eating, being sedentary through the day and not exercising. So, to lose weight, a calorie deficit – burning more calories than consumed, is essential. Diet and exercise both become equally important in any weight management program. A good diet helps you feel energetic, helps get sound sleep and helps feel positive and motivated to keep going.

Women have low lean body mass and higher fat percent which makes weight loss slower in comparison to men. They also experience hormonal changes during the various stages of their life which interferes with weight loss. More muscle means higher the metabolism and more calories burnt.

Here are some basic workouts essential for women for weight loss –

  1. Cardiovascular exercise: Running, brisk walking, swimming, cycling all constitute as cardio exercise. It helps burn extra calories. High intensity interval training (HIIT) helps bring down the fat and increase muscle mass.
  2. Weight training: Weight training with the right diet can help in utilising calories and improving the body composition. More the lean mass means increased metabolism and more calories used up.
  3. Circuit training: It combines cardio and strength exercises, which are performed one after the other without resting in between.

Rest and recovery are essential with a workout programme. If there is exhaustion or soreness, take a break and then pick it back up the subsequent day.

Try not to lose motivation when losing weight seems to take forever in a weight loss program. A weight loss program for women has to be specially curated by a nutritionist by understanding the root cause of the weight challenges. Remember the phrase, “progress, not perfection” and keep moving ahead with no comparisons with others.