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Using Technology in Weight Loss Programs
  • Arati Shah

  • 23, Dec. 2020

Using Technology in Weight Loss Programs

In today’s age of ever evolving technology where things are on your finger tips, right from shopping online to banking online, a new addition is losing weight online. YES!!! You heard it right. Today, many of the weight loss programs for women or weight management programs are going online. Partly, because of the changing times wherein people with busy lifestyles have an opportunity to connect with an online nutritionist for weight loss without an investment of extra time and partly due to the travel restrictions brought in by the Covid pandemic.  

So, how does this happen? Online nutrition programs for weight loss offer tools that help individuals monitor their food intake, exercise sessions, provide a sleep log and many other features on their smart phone through apps. Besides, there are online weight loss companies that offer a hybrid model wherein they offer a combination of face to face counselling with online services.  

Using technology in this way allows individuals to avail diet counseling from preferred location via call, text, email or on online telecomputing or teleconferencing calls. It helps the individual achieve their weight loss goals without having to visit any clinic thus saving their time & energy. These programs provide detailed health assessments and the plans are personalized and customized according to the health conditions, eating habits and pattern of an individual. Besides getting the diet chart, one also gets the regular support and motivation from the qualified nutrition experts. Online nutrition counseling is easy to follow and the programs are tailored and suitable for an individual’s body type. 


  • Look for the best dietitian in Mumbai offering online diet programs that focus on balanced diets. Do not fall for false claimsand marketing gimmicks as a weight-loss program should be sustainable and not a quick fixThe company should not promote fad or restrictive diets. 

  • The company should provide a plan that is flexible, practical and convenient as any good plan should not restrict or limit your food options.  

  • Check the credibility of the company and ensure they have qualified nutritionists on board. Reading the company reviews and testimonialscan help you understand the credibility of the company. 

  • Lastly, the weight loss program should be individualised and adapt to your needs and medical history.  

Online weight loss programs are preferred by many people today. However, a weight loss consultant online providing the hybrid model can add the personal touch to the program. In the hybrid model the individual gets a chance to take face to face counseling with the nutritionist which helps create a relationship between the patient and the nutritionist for better motivation and progress tracking.