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Weight Loss on an Indian Diet
  • Arati Shah

  • 15, Sep. 2020

Weight Loss on an Indian Diet

The incidence of obesity is increasing in India. Urban Indians are more affected due to their changing lifestyle and sedentary behaviour. With an information overdoseon what to eat and what not to eat, one is left clueless about the accuracy of information. To navigate through the varied cuisines and range of dishes, an Indian nutritionist can help a person with an Indian diet for weight loss 

So, how does one plan for a balanced meal plan for weight loss? 

A traditional Indian diet has always been a healthy one. It is the modern additions to this diet that have caused a majority of health problems. So, follow the basic rules here: 

  1. Do not have unrealistic weight loss expectations – Know that if you have taken time to pile on the pounds, you are going to take time to shed them off too.  

  1. Skipping meals is never an option. Space your meals through the day. 

  1. If one is a vegetarian, include a source of protein at each meal.  

  1. Leave aside the fad diets and focus on clean eating. Emphasize on fresh fruits, vegetables, lentils, beans, cereals and low fat dairy. 

  1. Keep away the packaged and processed snacks and choose the healthier options like bean chaats, nuts, idlis, poha, fresh fruits, dried fruits, upma, etc 

  1. Control your portion sizes. 

  1. Sleep well and stay active. 

  1. And above all, be disciplined. 

So, if one adopts the traditional version of the Indian diet (roti / rice, dal / beans / meat, green vegetable, salad, curd / buttermilk), it can help maintain good health. It is a perfect balance of carbohydrates, proteins, fat, fiber, vitamins and minerals. However, even with such a balanced traditional diet, there is an increase in the incidence of obesity, diabetes and heart disease in our country. Research has pointed to the fact that Indians are consuming more of carbohydrates and sugar in the diet and less of protein – especially plant protein. So, focusing on more of plant proteins with plenty of vegetables is one of the ways to ensure that the weight remains in check. 

And, do not forget our desi super foods, our spices. They not only add the unique flavor to our dishes but also play some role in weight loss and help maintain immunity. So, keeping the modern diets with their high amounts of salt, sugar and solid fats at bay and bringing in our traditional healthy eating pattern should form the basis for weight management programs or weight loss programs.