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Women And Wellness At The Workplace
  • Arati Shah

  • 29, Mar. 2020

Women And Wellness At The Workplace

Employers who take the initiative and conduct corporate wellness programretain their employees for a long period of time. Female employees have specific and unique needs. Hence, corporate wellness programs need to be have a focused approach towards women’s health. Working women today manage multiple roles and responsibilities - profession, family and social domains. This takes a toll on them both, physically and mentally. Women in the workplace shoulder equal responsibilities as their male counter parts. Hence, more supportive programs can be valuable for this important segment of employees. Some initiatives for them can include: 

Women Specific Workshops 

The first step towards an initiative for women wellness would be to provide workshops that bring in experts from the field of health, fitness and nutrition. Food demonstrations and lunch and learns could be a part of this initiative too. These workshops enable women to take care of themselves by making healthy choices and are also get introduced to industry experts. Providing an environment of understanding and support can help women take more interest in their own health. 

Nutrition Programs 

One on one nutrition consultations about how to lose weight, deal with clinical conditions, manage PMS and eat right during the child bearing and menopause years should be offered to the women employees by the company. By this they send a message to their female workforce that their good health is of value to them. This will also help improve the health quotient of the company. 

Physical Wellness Programs 

Most organizations have started understanding the importance of incorporating physical activity as a routine for their employees. Hence, many companies offer workout areas / gyms / fitness centers at work. Various sessions for fitness and workouts should be organized often which can provide direction to the employees on how they should carry out their daily fitness regime. Fun classes like yoga, zumba, mediation, aerobics, pilates, dance, etc. should be specifically offered for women. 

Secondary Support for Women 

Most women balance their work and home which can prove to be taxing and overwhelming, causing stress to them. Employers can provide women with secondary support at work, like hiring counsellors specialized in women’s mental health issues.  

Corporate wellness companies in Mumbai provide health and wellness programs for various companies. An Indian nutritionist from these companies can help plan the above initiatives with ease for the female employees of the company for their health and well being.