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Child Nutrition
  • Arati Shah

  • 09, Dec. 2022

Child Nutrition


Ms. Shruti Savant, a 10-year-old girl joined our weight gain program. Her parents main aim was to inculcate good eating habits in her and to maintain healthy weight.


Her initial weight analysis (conducted at the clinic) showed the following:

Weight: 27 Kgs



Before taking her onboard for child nutrition program, we gathered detailed information with respect to her daily food intake. We also noted her school schedule followed by noting her physical activities.


On analysis we found that she was eating enough food but her food choices were not as desired, due to which she could not gain weight. Her diet consisted more of deep-fried foods and less consumption of other food groups like nuts, fruits and vegetables. Also, being a non-vegetarian, her diet was lacking in adequate protein amounts. Breakfast meal was completely missing from her diet.


To start working towards her health goals, we introduced small frequent meal eating pattern. Inclusion of protein rich foods in every major meal of the day was maintained throughout the program. As she was a growing child apart from just focusing on giving her weight gaining foods, we also included foods that help in brain, bones and growth development. 



With a collaborative effort put in by both the child and her mother and with excellent guidance from our clinical nutritionist she was successfully able to gain 6.3 kgs of her weight over a duration of 3 months. 


Her final weight analysis (conducted at the clinic) showed the following:

Weight: 33.3 Kgs



This positive weight changes, helped her move more during her play hours without getting tired too soon. Her fatigue went down slowly and gradually.