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Disease Management through Lifestyle Modifications
  • Arati Shah

  • 05, Jan. 2022

Disease Management through Lifestyle Modifications


Mr. Umesh Agrawal, a 37-year-old male joined the Café Nutrition cholesterol management program for the management of high lipid levels.


His readings (at the start of the program) were as follows:

Weight: 75.5 kgs

Body Fat: 28.3%

Visceral Fat: 14%

BMR: 1658 kcals

BMI: 28.1 kg/m2

Skeletal Muscle: 29.3%

Total cholesterol: 230 mg/dl

LDL cholesterol: 147 mg/dl

HDL cholesterol: 45 mg/dl



Our clinical nutritionist initiated the process with body composition indicating obesity with a high BMI and high total body and visceral fat percent. Next, his detailed diet and lifestyle history with a 24-hour food and beverage recall indicated a very high consumption of ghee, sweets, deep fried foods, refined foods and alcohol.


Designing a heart healthy diet plan was the first step of our process driven approach. Super foods for heart health were introduced. Foods like pizza, pasta, pav bhaji, were modified to healthier versions with recipes sent for the same. Foods and healthy sweet recipes were suggested to help satisfy his sweet cravings. Tea time biscuits were replaced with healthier food options. Our restaurant guidelines were provided to help him make the right food choices away from home. His portions were regulated with an appropriate change in the macronutrient ratio. An initial alternate day 45-minute walk was suggested to be eventually done daily. Overall, the diet plan was based on his food likes and dislikes for his continued interest in the program up to completion.



Regular communication, motivation, and follow ups helped Mr. Agrawal reach his health targets. His total cholesterol and LDL (bad) cholesterol levels reduced within the recommended limit. His HDL (good) cholesterol increased. Weight loss changes his body composition to make him look leaner.  He changed his lifestyle to now restrict his sugar, junk and fried food intake. The featured change was a reduction in his alcohol intake to a minimum - from his previously high consumption. 


His readings (at the end of 12 months) were as follows:

Weight: 68.5 Kgs

Body Fat: 24.8%

Visceral Fat: 10.5%

BMR: 1565 Kcals

BMI: 25.5 Kg/m2

Skeletal Muscle: 30.6%

Total cholesterol: 195 mg/dl

LDL cholesterol: 125 mg/dl

HDL cholesterol: 48 mg/dl