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Triathlete for Sports Nutrition Program
  • Arati Shah

  • 13, Nov. 2022

Triathlete for Sports Nutrition Program


Dr Nilesh Kothari, a 39-year-old homeopath approached Café Nutrition for a sports nutrition program for participation in a triathlon. A triathlon is an intense endurance multisport race requiring training in swimming, cycling, and running over various distances. 


His readings (at the start of the program) were as follows:

Weight: 84.9 kgs

Body Fat: 27%

Visceral Fat: 12%

BMR: 1824 kcals

BMI: 26.8 kg/m2

Skeletal Muscle: 31%



His body composition measurements by our sports nutritionist showed a high total fat and visceral fat percent and a low skeletal muscle percent. His BMI also put him in the obese category. 


His food history and 24 hour food recall indicated large portion sizes aiming at more energy. Being a vegetarian, he also consumed a protein supplement for increased protein intake to build strength.  Although he consumed foods from all the food groups, the ratio of carbohydrate to protein was inappropriate - carbohydrates in a larger amount. Fruit and vegetable consumption was lesser than the recommended amount. His intake of visible fat in the diet was high. Eating restaurant food or takeaway food was also a regular part of his food routine. These observations led us to believe the reason for his increased weight and fat content. 


Armed with the information, a 7-day diet plan was created. Calories from carbohydrate foods were restricted while the intake of fruits and vegetables was increased. Healthy snacks were provided to manage the mid evening hunger pangs. Protein requirement was fulfilled through food and the supplement was kept on hold. The diet was well balanced with just the necessary protein - not extra as is the common myth in many sportspersons. Finally, the restaurant or takeaway food was reduced to once a week.



Following the diet plan with regular training helped Dr Kothari achieve his goals. Most importantly, he achieved leanness with loss of body and visceral fat. His skeletal muscle percent also improved - with just protein-based foods. He was able to train harder with increased stamina and strength. 


His readings (at the end of 6 months) were as follows:

Weight: 77.9 kgs

Body Fat: 20.4%

Visceral Fat: 9%

BMR: 1753 kcals

BMI: 24.6 kg/m2

Skeletal Muscle: 34%



Improved fitness was the final outcome of the sports nutrition program. Post the program he could complete the triathlon with ease. He also learnt the correct technique to eat which helped him train again for his next event.