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Weight Loss & Fat Loss at Age 49
  • Arati Shah

  • 23, Nov. 2022

Weight Loss & Fat Loss at Age 49


Mr. Piyush Purohit, a 49-year-old male visited Café Nutrition clinic with an aim to lose weight before his college alumni function - post 6 months. Being the Head - Retail Operations of a prominent Indian conglomerate he lived the weekdays in Mumbai, weekends in Bangalore with family and travelled frequently which added to his difficulty in managing his weight. 


His initial body composition analysis (conducted at the clinic) showed the following:

Weight: 82.7 kgs

Body Fat: 29.9%

Visceral Fat: 15.5%

BMR: 1763 kcals

BMI: 28.3 kg/m2

Skeletal Muscle: 28.7%



Mr. Purohit’s meals were practically away from home. Café Nutrition clinical nutritionist started the process with his body composition. The next step was to obtain his food and beverage intake and 24-hour diet recall, followed by his daily sleep and exercise routine. 


Interpretation of his diet showed inadequate protein foods and vegetables and practically no fruits through the day. He showed enthusiasm at our suggestion to help him plan some easy home-based meals - breakfast and dinner on weekdays.  Breakfasts with ready to eat foods like pre-packaged upma or poha or making an oats / multigrain porridge helped him have healthy breakfast at home. Easy and healthy lunch options from the office menu were suggested. Simple one pot millet and vegetable meals with pulse salads at dinner helped him stay off daily restaurant food. Pulse salads, dairy and nuts helped him fulfil his protein needs. 


The clinical nutritionist helped him make the right food choices during travel as food choices during travel are often unhealthy. A calorie deficit was created to achieve his goals. A daily 45–50-minute brisk walk and being active through the day would also help rev up his metabolism for weight loss. 



Realistic targets with realistic timelines helped him stay motivated through the program. His 3-month results motivated him to extend the program. Towards the end, he had lost weight and toned down with reduced total body and visceral fat. This was achieved without loss of muscle mass. He was feeling fitter and stronger.


His final body composition analysis (conducted at the clinic) showed the following:

Weight: 70.9 kgs

Body Fat: 24.3%

Visceral Fat: 10%

BMR: 1606 kcals

BMI: 24.2 kg/m2

Skeletal Muscle: 30.3%



Receiving compliments at his alumni function, Mr. Purohit proved that weight loss is possible and not always difficult post a certain age as is the common belief. He also learnt the art of eating right (at home and during travel) to help him maintain the weight and fat loss.