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Weight Loss Program
  • Arati Shah

  • 16, Dec. 2022

Weight Loss Program


Archana Bhandari, a 47-year-old teacher of a leading international Mumbai school was part of our 'Teachers & Staff Well-Being Program'. She was provided a weight loss program focusing more on fat loss. 


Her readings (at the start of the program) were as follows:

Weight: 79.4 kgs

Body Fat: 42.8%

Visceral Fat: 19%

BMR: 1494 kcals

BMI: 34.8kg/m2

Skeletal Muscle: 20.2%



On taking her body composition measurements we got a much clearer picture about her fat percentage. Excess of fat deposition around her internal organs was observed as her visceral fat percentage was on a higher side. Also, her lipid profile reports depicted higher LDL levels. 


To plan her meals in a better way, our clinical nutritionist noted her entire days schedule, along with her portion size, food choices, meal timings and exercise or workout schedule. Also, her lifestyle pattern was noted. We analysed that her fruit and vegetable consumption was less. Even-though her carbohydrate food consumption was less but her protein rich food intake was even much lesser. Her intake of coconut in the diet was high, which lead to spike in her lipid levels. 


Equipped with the information, a week's diet plan was shared. A plant-based diet plan was given along with restricting the coconut consumption. Easy lunch tiffin and ready to eat or easy to prepare healthy snack options were given to her as her post work meal. Her dinner meals were kept to minimal preparation foods as she had to manage and prepare two different meals each day, one for herself and other for her family. She used to workout daily in the morning for an hour under the guidance of her fitness trainer. And on alternate days she also used to additionally do cardio for 40 minutes in the evening. 



With a continuous effort and a positive approach, she manged to lose 5.5% of her visceral fat followed by regularizing her lipid levels too. It was a combination of both diet and exercise which helped her in achieving her goals. 


Her readings (at the end of 12 months) were as follows:

Weight: 70 kgs

Body Fat: 40.6%

Visceral Fat: 13.5%

BMR: 1369 kcals

BMI: 30.7 kg/m2

Skeletal Muscle: 21%



Her excess body bulk reduced due to which she could feel lighter and her flexibility improved. She learnt the ideal way to make correct food choices and most importantly she continued it over a period of time which helped her in maintaining her achieved weight.