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5 Pointers To Beat The Heat This Summer
  • Arati Shah

  • 09, Mar. 2023

5 Pointers To Beat The Heat This Summer

Summer is the season of fatigue and sweat. The humidity in the air (especially in the coastal areas) makes you feel lazy and tired. Being outdoors and the sweat accompanying it increases your risk for health problems such as dehydration, skin sensitivitiesand vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Hence, when the temperature starts to rise, it’s important to keep your body cool and pay attention to restoring your health and well-being. Especially for those who are in a sport, a sports nutritionist could help prevent dehydration in elite athletes. 

There are certain foods and drinks that are meant to be eaten in summer so as to naturally cool down your body. These foods act as a coolant to your body and replenish your lost electrolytes. Exercise and your choice of clothing should also be taken care of during summers. 5 pointers from us to beat the heat: 

  1. Choice of foods: Eating less or going light is the easiest way to feel comfortable during the hot summer months. Eating light makes digestion easy. So, restrict the intake of heavy gravies, kormas, meat (especially red meat) and fried foods. Make sure you eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and beans. 
  2. Spice up your Summer: Spices like jeera (cumin), elaichi (cardamom), sauf (fennel), kesar (saffron), haldi (turmeric), etc are some spices that help in keeping the body cool. And, this is from our ancient Ayurveda books according to which our kitchen cabinets help ward off many illnesses. 
  3. Think your drink: Water remains your best option to quench your thirst. It will help in regulating your body temperature in a hot and humid weather. Regardless of whether you feel thirsty or not keep drinking water. Avoid caffeinated beverages like sports drinksor carbonated beverages as they can make dehydration worse. Lemon juice, kokum sherbet, aam panna, coconut water, barley water, thin buttermilk are all good options to replenish the fluids lost in sweat. Kokum sherbet and aam panna also helps in improving the digestion. If drinking plain water is something that you do not prefer you can opt for infused water (you can make infused water by adding mint, tulsi leaves, ginger, cucumber or berries to plain water for a few hours and then drink it like normal water) for staying hydrated throughout the day. 
  4. Choice of clothing: Stick to cotton fabrics as it allows the absorption of sweat and also protects your body from infections. Above all they will keep you cool. Shades like white, beige and other lighter colours reflect the sun rays and keep you cooler. Wearing looser clothing will also provide a cooling effect to the body. Always carry a hat or light weight scarf to keep you away from direct sun rays. 
  5. Exercise: It is also very important to exercise in summer. If the sun is too harsh and it is humid, prefer to go for a workout in the early mornings or late evenings. Indoor activities like swimming, zumba, yoga, gym,etc are also good options to stay fit and healthy. Do not forget to keep drinking water to stay hydrated and replenish the electrolytes. 

The Indian summer always has the temperatures soaring. Watching what you eat and drink goes a long way in helping not only in weight loss programs but is of immense help to serious athletes and those who have clinical conditions. We are one of the best dietitians in Mumbai  and have our weight loss centers in Mumbai at Santacruz and at the MCA (Bandra Kurla Complex). Providing practical diet plans for children and adults is our forte.