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Eat Smartly During the Festive Season
  • Arati Shah

  • 21, Sep. 2023

Eat Smartly During the Festive Season

India is a land of festivals. Festivals are a time to celebrate with our family, friends and loved ones. Delicious lip-smacking food and sweets are first on our mind when we speak of festivals. However, the traditional sweets and foods are often loaded with calories coming mainly from fat and sugarSo, if you are on a diabetes nutrition plan or a weight loss program it would be best to consult with the weight loss nutritionist to help you plan meals during the festivities. 

Here are some takeaways to help you eat smart during the festival season: 

  1. Limit fried foodsOne should always enjoy traditional fried snacks during the festive season but in restricted amounts. Also, avoid the use of vanaspatiat home. Use traditional oils and ghee especially when it comes to frying.  

  1. Eat homemade sweetsHomemade sweets are always a better option to eating the commercially made sweets. Try using natural sweeteners in sweets like dates, anjeer, and raisins instead of refined sugars. Jaggery is also a preferred choice in comparison to refined sugar.  

  1. Do not skip mealsSkipping meals before stepping out for parties can lead to greater indulgence later causing discomfort as well as a greater intake of calories. So, before leaving for a get-together eat a light snack like a fruit or a salad or a bowl of vegetable soup for it will not make you overindulgeat the venue. 

  1. Say no to second helpingsEven if the food is tempting, keep your plate down after you are done with the first helping. This prevents over-eating of foods that are high in fat and sugar. 

  1. BeveragesRestrict the intake of sugar sweetened beverages. Prefer coconut water, salted fresh lime soda, jaljeera, etc. Do not overindulge with alcohol. Add plain soda, or plain water as a mixer instead of juices and aerated drinks. Cocktails and mocktails are best avoided as they are high in calories.  

  1. Stay active: Take time out for a brisk walk or hit the gym during the festive days too. Exercise should be fun and not a way to punish your body for the fried and sugary foods consumed. 

  1. Ditch the guilt: Do not go on a guilt trip after having consumed the sweets and fried foods. Instead, as always focus on eating the right foods and exercising post the festivities. Eating your favourite foods occasionallywill help you have a healthy relationship with food. 

Festivals serve as a powerful glue that strengthens the bonds between people, leaving lasting memories of cherished moments spent with friends and family. Food plays a central role in uniting people during these festive occasions. Rather than restraining oneself and feeling deprived, it's a more fulfilling approach to relish the festival's culinary delights while making mindful food choices. If you are someone who feels confused about how to go about planning the meals, speak to the best dietitian in Mumbai who can help you plan and enjoy festival meals guilt free.